About Us

Today and after almost 10 years MosaRosa makes things happen. Our catering and event companies will help you make your great ideas come true.

Our top priority at MesaRosa is to grant full satisfaction to every person that hires our services. We are recognized by our customers and their guests for guaranteeing a unique, exclusive and high level event and total satisfaction.

We offer any service you require, no matter how unusual it could be, we allow our customer to please the guests and enjoy the event at the same time. For that we have a wide pool of high quality suppliers in order to give you a top quality service.

The 3 ingredients for the Art of a Corporate or Etiquette Event at MesaRosa are:

Fresh and authentic, for a corporate and etiquette event we focus so that the food, drinks, decoration and service fit perfectly well in the purpose of the event and your guests.

Elegant and accurate decoration, weather we serve at a board meeting, a four course dinner, a buffet, a training meeting or a dessert table, the food, the flowers, the illumination and the ambience must be the right ones.

Impeccable performance, corporate events demand from us an extraordinary attention on every detail and delivery time. Throughout the years we have learned to respect and reflect the corporate brand on the decoration, in order to go beyond expectations with exquisite and fresh meals and bars well taken care of, so that your event will be outstanding and unique.

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