Cantera launch is a production of MesaRosa™

Cantera emerges from the mountains

(EL NORTE September 23, 2016)
“Carza and Legorreta + Legorreta’s launch the most exclusive apartment project in Monterrey, located in one of the best residential areas of the city.
The event was attended by over 300 guests who found, in the voice of Ing. Rogelio Zambrano Garza, General Manager of Carza and Arq. Victor Legorreta, representing Legorreta + Legorreta, the importance of the project and the benefits that will enjoy the families living there.
The launch event is a production of MESAROSA ™, regiomontana company with over 12 years experience in catering and corporate events of this nature. Translucent awnings to highlight the place, decoration, 2 terraces with music DJ and saxophone, a lounge with chamber music and extraordinary catering snacks and exquisite wines accompanied the guests in this extraordinary night. Congratulations to Carza and success.

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