Coffee: as a source of inspiration and exchange at meetings


Barista, is the expert in preparing coffee, the one we always see behind the coffee shop counter, they are interested in more than just preparing an espresso, the coffee variety, knowledge and care of the machine, origin and characteristics of the coffee beans. Nowadays in the world every professionalization and specialization in all the areas, especially in gastronomy is linked to coffee and the barista figure and grows in importance year after year.

We delighted the guests at a one-hour company reunion with a COFFEE TASTE and led by a barista certified by Etrusca España. They tasted different types of coffee, different types of preparation, toasted, milled and also heard part of the story of coffee in America and México and different types of equipment to prepare coffee, all this was accompanied with spectacular chocolates and pastry.

It was a successful and innovating way to receive your guests. There was coffee all the time generating an ambience of exchange and inspiration for the attendees.


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